About the Reluctant Cyclist

I was a runner. I have completed over a dozen marathons and half marathons. In 2007 I met someone on a fitness singles website who was a cyclist. Now I own one pair of running shoes but have accumulated multiple bikes. A Gunnar Sport (Steel is Real), a vintage Mercian, a Cannondale tandem, A Salsa Vaya, a Tern folding bike., and my latest (and favorite) addition, my Bob Jackson.  My wardrobe has gone from running shorts and shirts to padded bike shorts and jerseys. 

I want to use this page to share my experiences as the Reluctant Cyclist. Please excuse me if I use a few expletives when the addict (my husband and confidant) moves the finish line or adds just one more hill for good measure.

I live in Cincinnati, OH and am excited to say that Cincinnati is fast becoming one of the best cities for cyclists. Beer, Bikes, and Baseball is what we are known for.

I love to make a vacation out of a bike tour. Actually, I just like to take vacations. In 2014 the Bike Junkie and I rode across Iowa in RAGBRAI, and conquered Great Britain's  Peak District in L'Eroica Britannia, the inaugural year. Unfortunately when you register for a big ride you must commit to training. In 2016 we bike-packed the Ohio to Erie trail with a couple of friends. In 2017 we rode L'Eroica California in Pasa Robles. In 2018 we completed RAGBRAI again with a band of merry cyclists.

If you would like info about this blog, please email me at info@thereluctantcyclist.com

BJ - the Bob Jackson

The Merry Band of Cyclists

Horsey Hundred, Lexington, KY
This beauty wanted to eat my helmet.

The Salsa
Vintage Mercian

The Gunnar. Horsey Hundred 2012
Mine is on the left. The other belongs to Velo Junkie.

L'Eroica Britania 2014
with the Mercian
My Miami University Cycling Team Jersey

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