Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Reluctant Cyclist

As I’m preparing for another week long, 300+ mile bike trip around some remote corner of the United States I again revisit my idea of a blog for those of us normal folk who don’t really like cycling. We live with a cycling addict who convinces us that cycling is the drug to impart immortality, fitness, adventure or just cure boredom. It is a drug with none of the side effects of the pharmaceuticals pushed by the medical profession.

I was a runner. I have completed over a dozen marathons and half marathons. Seven years ago I met someone on a fitness singles website who was a cyclist. Now I own one pair of running shoes but have accumulated six bikes. The latest addition being a Tern folding bike so that it fits in the trunk of my car and in a suitcase so I never have to be unprepared. My wardrobe has gone from running shorts and shirts to padded bike shorts and jerseys. I have jerseys that represent previous rides, multiple causes, actual and fictitious brands, and artists.

I want to use this page to share my experiences as the Reluctant Cyclist. Please excuse me if I use a few expletives when the addict moves the finish line or adds just one more hill for good measure.

Here is the bike junkie turning my living room into a workshop. 

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  1. Yes I am a bike junkie! Of course I feel compelled to mention I set the bike stand in the living room so I could talk to the reluctant cyclist while she played on the computer


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