Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bike Apps - Are They Useful? or Amusing?

  Bike Repair Free

This seems like a really cool app. This is a recount of my first exposure to it.

After a friendly disclaimer about not being responsible for over-tightened or loose nuts and bolts the app opened with a menu of bike topics. I was particularly curious about what was included in “What to Wear”.

Eureka! No more guessing about what ensemble to en-robe myself in when the temperatures change.

Well now isn’t that just kitschy? For a mere $3.99 I can unlock everything in the app. But right now only the wheels section is unlocked.

Let’s head on over to the wheels section to see if the information is valid enough to make me want to spend my hard-earned cash on the rest.

"Wheels" is under the “Tips and Tricks” header. Upon opening the wheels app I have 17 troubleshooting options to choose from. Since I just ordered new Mavic wheels let’s take a look at what is covered by “My Mavic rear wheel makes a howling sound when freewheeling at high speed

 First a brief description of what the problem could be. Then a description of the solution. And then, when you press the “step by step” button, a full color image of the wheel with instructions is revealed. Yowza. Pretty impressive. Makes me wonder just what might be revealed in the “what to wear” section (ROFLMBO).

Let’s look at one more solution in the wheels section. “How do I move one cassette to another wheel?” Same sort of deal as with the screaming wheel. Description of the problem, solution, and illustrated, step-by-step remedy. Whoa. What’s that? "Related Tips and Tricks"? Ah. Another teaser. 

I so wanted to see why the cassette was getting rusty. But alas, it will cost $3.99 to access that jewel.

Just for fun let’s open another section from the “Tips and Tricks”. How about Miscellaneous?

I clicked on each tip but all of the tricks were locked. You guessed it, $3.99. However, in my limited opinion, every one of the miscellaneous issues could be fixed with duct tape.

What about the Section header “Guides”? Looks like only the Wheels section can be accessed again. Pretty much what you would expect.

Instead let’s bravely wander over to the “miscellaneous” tab again. Hehe.
Well what do we have here? A “59$ Bike Repair jersey” I guess we now know what to wear, we just need $3.99 to unlock it.

There is this cool, visual glossary available with the free app. 

And a section to keep the history of your bike components and maintenance. Only one bike can be entered in the free app. To add more - $3.99.

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Should I unlock the App for $3.99

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