Monday, January 25, 2016

Riding Vicariously (or "When Pigs Ride")

This framed art adequately depicts my endearment of cycling in the cold. "When Pigs Ride"

Jeni Jenkins of Uncaged Bird Print and Design Studio
First I must express my apologies. I have been writing this blog since July and have attained a good number of followers. I have tried to describe at least one ride per week, or some other event involving bicycles. I hope you will forgive me for being void of any cycling shenanigans, but it is January (stated with tears streaming down my cheeks). I am the Reluctant Cyclist, and, as the name implies, it takes some urging to get me moving, especially in inclement weather.

Salsa Full Suspension Bucksaw 2 Courtesy Jim's Bicycle Shop 
I know there are those of you who wait for the whims of Old Man Winter. You bring out your fat bikes and your gravel bikes and adorn yourselves in lobster gloves, balaclavas, Gore jackets and winter boots. I, on the other hand, prefer to sleep in on winter weekends, especially when the temperatures can’t surmount freezing. 

I have collected a list of reasons to shy away from pedaling in the foul weather. I will kindly share my rationalizations in the event any of you would rather put your feet up and enjoy a latte rather than exert yourself in a possibly ill attempt of enjoying winter.

Obvious excuses:
·         Fear of slipping on the ice
·         Poor visibility
·         Too cold
·         Threat of hypothermia
·         I have the flu

Not so obvious excuses:
·         Excruciating pain in my teeth caused by the icy wind
·         Snot rockets are more frequent and dangerous
·         Salt on the road is bad for my bike
·         I have to keep the fire going at home
·         The snow is prettier looking out from inside

I do have one vice, though. I can live vicariously through the cycling addict I affectionately call Velo Junkie, or Velo for short. For every excuse I have for not riding, he has one for riding. The only things that will ground Velo are heavy precipitation and sub-zero temperatures. Even then I occasionally have to talk sense into his stubborn crank-head.

We have come to an unspoken agreement. During winter weekends I will generally walk 5 to 7 miles and he will ride somewhere. As much as I would like to be rolling, strolling is more my style when hazards are present. Velo, on the other hand – well, let’s just say he’s crazy.

Here are just a few pictures of his winter wandering I lifted from his social posts.

Eli's Barbeque

Blank Slate Brewing

Fortunately, for me, the forecast is looking promising next weekend.  Thank goodness. I need some blog material. I may just bundle up and go for a ride.

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