Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What should I Call My Interactive Conference Session that Involves Work, Cycling, Charity, and Fun

I have found a way to toss a little bit of cycling fun into the company's conference this year. You see, I work for Projetech, a small IT company that sells a big maintenance software program - IBM's Maximo - in the cloud. We hold a Maximo User Group meeting in Cincinnati each year and I wanted to do something different. Something to get people out of their seats.

Below is my first write-up for the session. I am struggling with what to call it on the agenda. Please answer the poll or put your suggestions in the comments. I need some help from the right-brain folks here.

Here's the write-up:
You’ve been in the field of maintenance since Eddy Merckx was winning Tours? Maybe you hold the illustrious title of Maintenance Supervisor, or Maintenance Planner? But can you write a job plan? “Yes” you say? Prove it!

Projetech is having an unprecedented event at this year’s MUG Summit. The event is so prestigious we felt it would only be fair if we brought in some local experts to help. Meet Nate and Kevin from MOBO Bicycles, two self-taught bicycle mechanics.

Let me explain a little bit about the session, affectionately named “Build-a-Bike” on the agenda.
First, MOBO is a Bike co-op located in Northside, an urban neighborhood just north of downtown Cincinnati. All those who “work” there do so on their own time. It is all volunteer, but then you can hardly call it work when you’re doing what you love, right? All the bikes they repair are donated. Once the finished bike is roadworthy it is presented to someone who will use it to commute around the city. It is not unusual to see bicyclists pedaling around the urban core of Cincinnati, and ridership is increasing every day.

Second, we will have real bikes here, on-premise (not in the cloud), for you to work on. We know those of you who are used to using your hands and minds on a daily basis will find it excruciatingly difficult to sit all day, much less pay attention to one PowerPoint after another. Take a break! Have some fun! We need you.

Third, all the bikes used for this recreational exercise will be given to MOBO at the end of the conference so that they can put them to good use. Now you can have fun, learn something about bikes, and do something good for somebody you will never meet, but who will be forever grateful.

You’re asking, “So where does the job plan fit into all this?” You’ll just have to sign up to find out. But here are a few hints:

And, by all means, if you have the pleasure of working with Maximo in your daily grind, register for the conference at

What shoud we call our interactive, educational, charitable, fun conference session?

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