Tuesday, April 5, 2016

After the Storm

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 produced one hell of a storm, both natural and political. Although I promise not to campaign on this blog, let’s just say there are some opposing viewpoints in my family. As for the wrath of Mother Nature, she showed just how easy it would be for her to obliterate any person or thing in her path regardless of wealth or power. Saturday into Sunday brought evidence of just how mortal we are. Though mild compared to other global catastrophes, Sunday’s storm was a friendly reminder.
But then something amazing happened. Something that quieted the arguing, something that required not even so much as an utterance from human lips. Sometimes silence is simply the best option.

Velo and I decided to go for a short, evening ride after the threat of rain was gone. The wind was still a factor, but only one way, right? We rode into the wind first from the Cincinnati Golf Center to the Beechmont Levy, so that we could enjoy the gentle nudging on the way back. “You do your part and I’ll do mine” whispered the wind. 

And with the wind came the bouquet of blooming fruit trees and soggy creek beds. The flora of the ground cover was in its glory, taking advantage of the early spring sunlight before the canopy prevailed.

The sounds of singing birds returning from their winter residence and laughing children emerging from hibernation vied for the gales to carry their euphoric noise.

It was a short ride. The sun was still on the upward swing, barely past the spring equinox. This time of year the mercury tends to fall quickly as the daylight wanes. But, as with any bike ride, we forgot about the struggles of the world for a little while. The struggles are very real, but they can wait till I’m done riding. 

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