Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Will Ride

I am having a hard time writing this blog while I sit in my hotel room listening to the testimony of survivors and friends of those killed in Orlando. My life has been beyond busy these past couple of weeks, so, after missing from the cycling scene for over a month, I had planned a comical blog about missing my bike and feeling lonely from being out of the saddle for so long. I was going to talk about how my bike must miss me as well. But somehow it doesn’t seem so funny to talk about missing someone or something in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

The news this past week was a stark reminder of just how fleeting life can be. It was also an example of human heroism. I am very solemn and remorseful for the people who have lost a piece of their world. For what it’s worth, I am thankful that the people who passed were surrounded by others who accepted and loved them. 

I will ride this weekend, I need to. In a couple of weeks I will ride 160 miles for Alzheimer’s and I need to train. I will ride this weekend because I will live this weekend. And I will ride for Orlando this weekend.


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