Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Several weeks ago VeloJunkie and I managed to get the exterior of our vintage cottage painted, new doors installed, walls removed, and a new roof put on the old house we are renovating. We worked into the evenings, putting in more than 12 hour days. But we miss our bikes.

The first weekend in June was hot and sunny and I spent it sitting at the community yard sale trying to rehome all of the leftovers from the old house. What didn’t sell was donated. I made a total of $40, which was donated to Alzheimer’s Association. I was really wanting to ride.

 Last week I was sitting in my hotel room in Boston, missing my bike. Velo had to attend a conference on the other side of the country in Las Vegas. We were both missing our bikes. Since I couldn’t ride, I walked every evening only to be startled by a pair of wild turkeys lurking in the parking lot. And to think, Ben Franklin wanted these guys to be the national bird. 

This week I’m sitting in my hotel room in Atlanta, missing my bike. VeloJunkie and I were supposed to drive here together, bring our bikes, and ride some of the bikeways around the city. No such luck. Velo’s employer had other plans. So I am watching the Tiny Homes on HGTV and getting all kinds of ideas for our cottage. I will be mostly confined to the hotel and convention center with no chance to ride.

Sometimes life gets in the way..

Which is why you have to jump on every opportunity when it presents itself. And right now weekends are all we have, and only some of them. The brutal part is that we are participating in the 160 mile Young’s Dairy Charity ride in July and have not had much time for training. (Any words of encouragement will be warmly received and appreciated)

I was really glad that all of the amiable elements of weather convened for the second weekend in June. 50 West Cycling has been organizing expeditions out of their new place on the east side and I wanted to join one of their casual rides. This was the perfect opportunity. We arrived to find it was a ride led by Cincinnati Cycle Club, of which we are already card carrying members, so that was awesome. And, we already knew the ride leader, Cindy. I think we ended up with a group of about 12 riders of all different riding goals and abilities.

The ride was advertised as a casual, 11-12 mph, 25 mile ride. Which is exactly what it was, however I think a couple of folks missed the small print. With a no-drop policy, the going was a little slow at times, but the pace allowed for meeting new people and amicable comradery.  The neighborhood we toured was home to a lot of frame houses very similar to our cottage.  It was really cool comparing and contrasting all the different paint schemes and add-on ideas. The last part of the ride got a bit windy but it was good to be out on the bike.

I can’t wait till we get the house complete enough to move into. Then maybe I can think of something besides remodeling and find more time to ride…or anything else, for that matter. If anyone is interested in following the progress of the house you can see it at http://hofmannhaus.blogspot.com/

The third weekend in June, after working on the electric in the new (old) place, Velo and I ventured out on our own ride. It was Father’s Day weekend so I suggested a ride that I knew he would love. We rode to Mariemont for lunch at Dily Deli and I treated him to a larger-than-life peanut butter cupcake. 

I didn’t have to ask twice if he wanted to ride to his favorite tap room, Blank Slate. When we pulled into the parking lot, there were more bikes parked there than cars. Amazing! The bar was lined up with cyclists. Velo and I took our seats at the end and ordered up two pints of liquid sunshine.

For those of you who like to promote independent films, Allyson West, one of the taproom employees, is hosting a fundraiser at Blank Slate on July 3 to promote her film, “Texican”. For details, click HERE

So, was it the effects of the beer or the lack of riding? I don’t know but on our way home I almost dumped the bike over in an intersection because I didn’t unclip in time. Almost. I managed to get my balance but not before I knocked my computer off the bike into the next lane. I was able to recover, albeit with a bruised ego, and successfully make it home before melting in the hot sun. I guess it happens to the best of us at times.

After surviving a 35 mile ride in 88 degrees I got home and replaced my cleats for a pair of flip flops, only to sprain a toe trying to kill a cockroach. UGH. 

Reluctant Cyclist – 0; Cockroach - 1

This next weekend, the last one in June, Velo and I are planning to participate in the final Young’s Dairy training ride before the event in July. Let’s just hope life doesn’t get in the way.

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